Is a Woman of Revelation and Purpose. In 1998, God commissioned her to begin a journey of pleasing only Him, to this effect, God placed her under the mentorship of Apostle Barbara Riley-Thomas. She served as Personal Assistant and Armourbearer to the Apostle as they traveled to different cities and states for sixteen years until God called her into her personal ministry. She is the mother of one daughter, Natasha and the grandmother of three, Jeremiah, Jaycee and Josiah.  She is a native of Pineville, Louisiana.

In January 2004, she recorded her first CD entitled, “It’s Not an Ordinary Worship”. As a Psalmist, she is able to touch the heart of those, who are in services and bring the people to a new level of Praise and Worship. She is also an author of several books entitled, The Endurance of Pleasing God, Chastisement through the Love of God, The Power of a True Intercessor, Encountering a Different World while Caring for a Parent with Dementia, and her newly release Torn Between Two Lovers: Ministry vs Family. Her lastest releases: Change Begins with a Whisper!, 21 Day Devotional To Strengthening Your Faith and How To Flourish During The Spiritual Seasons Of Your Life! She is the owner of Exquisite Beauty Supply Co.   She's also the owner of Little Pond Big Taste Seafood Restaurant. She has a talk show, The Power of Prayer on every Monday at 5:30 pm central time. After much Fasting and Praying, her Ministry was birthed forth. She is the Founder and CEO of Faith in God International Ministries and Patricia J. Williams Ministries. On April 25, 2004, she was officially ordained as an Evangelist & Prophet through the mentorship and leadership  Dr. Joshua Joy Dara Sr.; she now ministers the Word of God under a Powerful Anointing. Her Ministry has been exposed to many as a True Worshipper. She serves under the leadership of Senior Pastor Dr. Joshua Joy Dara, Sr. of the Zion Hill Family Church.  She serves faithfully on the Prayer Ministry. She is also the Outreach Director of Zion Hill’s Church School. She is a member of  The African American Female Authors of America

Her hunger and desire to please God has caused an Anointing of Breakthrough to be prevalent in her life. She is an Intercessor, who loves to labor in prayer and study God’s Word. God uses her mighty in the gift of Prophesy, Visions, and Dreams. She has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. She is currently enrolled at Liberty University pursuing her Doctorate in Christian Ministry. She believes that a person can accomplish anything through perseverance and dedication. She is determined to win the Lost at any Cost. Her passion is to see the people of God being set free from the yoke of bondage. Her favorite scripture, “Without Faith it is impossible to please Him” Hebrews 11:6a.

 Email:                          Twitter: @musik1022